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Our mining process is so simple, straightforward and easy to understand that everybody can start mining and earning money in under 2 minutes

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You just need an email address and a password to register on our website and you can do it here in a standard simple procedure.

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Check your email inbox and find our activation email with a confirmation link, click on that link and you're done with the registration procedure.

Purchase Power Units

Purchase your cloud mining power units by making a simple deposit in bitcoins and wait for the first bitcoin confirmation.

Earn Profit

Watch your earnings grow and your profit being paid every single day, choose the percentage of your profit to purchase new power units.

Get Referrals

Invite your friends and everybody you know to join in and earn extra power units to make your profit grow even more.

Increase Profit

By inviting as many referral users as you can and reinvesting your earnings 100% for a few months, you can get to a serious daily profit.

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Pricing Options

Our pricing scheme is really simple, you purchase Power Units which do mining for you and there's a quantity discount - the more you purchase, the smaller the price of a single PU

You can use our calculator to get some more information about the pricing options in terms of what you're planning to invest.